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Animal House is a social kennel with 3/4 of an acre ¸ securely fenced¸ dog playground.
In the summer there are shade trees , grass, swimming pools , even a fire hydrant so our Guests will feel at home.
We also have an indoor playroom , with air conditioning and a heated floor for those cold days in the winter.
The Guests are let out at about 7:30 each morning for some early exercise and general frolicking around. Breakfast time is usually before 9:00 AM , then they get to lay around and digest before spending the afternoon partying hard with all their new friends. Suppertime is around 5:00 PM , then they get another good naptime till about 8:30 . They spend about an hour doing their business before bedtime , 9:45 PM, lights out for a much needed rest.
Benson and Quincy
Kennel The Animal House bunkhouse, (kennel), also has air conditioning and a heated floor to keep our Friends as comfortable as possible. Everybody gets their own room , some have tops , and some are open , for Guests that don’t jump. The Bunkhouse is also the playroom for our smaller Friends , they also have their own smaller yard to play in so they don’t have to mingle with the big boys, unless they want to!
To find Animal House , We are located exactly 10 kilometers down Holsom rd.(Hwy 523), then take a left(South), on Range rd. 72, follow that 3 kilometers down and we are on the right , there is a sign out front , But we ask that you please call first as the safety of our special friends is of the utmost importance! map
front door Animal House is open for business from 7:00 Am - 8:00 Pm everyday , (Though someone is always on site).But we do ask that you call before you come out , whether it be for picking up or dropping off. The reason we ask this is so we have time to get your pet and your bill ready for a smooth transition, less waiting time for you, It also gives us time to make sure your dog gets greeted in the right manner by the Guests that are already here.
Animal House also offers daycare services for your special friend. You can drop them off in the morning , let them play all day , then at night they will sleep well from having a day full of playing with the other guests. dogs relaxing
small dogs Of course we have an area designed for our littler friends , they also get free run of the Bunkhouse (supervised of course), where they get to play with lots of little friends as well as the shy big guys.
Animal House is also capable of administering any medications and can take care of any special needs that your Friend may have during their stay here with us. kennel